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Kung Fu Panda 2


Jennifer Yuh


Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger


Jack Black (Po voice) , Angelina Jolie (tigress voice) , Jackie Chan (Monkey voice) , Seth Rogen (Mantis voice),
Lucy Liu (viper voice), Dustin Hoffman (master Shifu)
Gary Oldman (Lord Shen - peckock)
The Story:

      After anointed as a Dragon Warrior, the journey of Po continues in this sequel teaming with The Furious Five to safeguard the Valley of Peace.  Po and the Furious Five duty is defending the Valley of Peace from evil when a new threat rises. When a new adversary launches a treacherous bid to seize control of China and obliterate the martial arts, Po must look back to his enigmatic origins in order to unleash his true potential, and defeat his most powerful opponent to date.  Lord Shen, an albino peacock banished by his parents many years ago, has returned with a technology capable of ending Kung fu and conquering China. As the Furious Five embark to destroy the weapon, Po begins to realize that Shen may be linked to his lost childhood past as a panda bear . Here, Po wanted to find out where he really came from and wanted to find out his real parents is.

Check out and watch this movie and you'll know how and why. LIVE and LAUGH find "Inner Peace" within you..


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